Monday, April 21, 2008


Snickerdoodles are a Hellman family favorite, and I doubt my Dad would forgive me if I give this recipe away, sorry! Well, once again my talented husband took a great picture! I love that you can see the edges are rounded over just so, and the top has nice smooth cracks in it. The crust of the cookie is nice and firm, much like a shell. Since the shell is so distinct, it is always a surprise that the inside of the cookie is very soft and chewy!

I believe I found this recipe from an extra credit "lab" in a science class. It must have been early high school. Our teacher gave us a sheet of cookie recipes and instructed us to make each batch (if we wanted, of course) and to write down the exact ingredients, methods and procedure we used, as a way to show us how specific instructions need to be, or else they can be interpreted differently.

As a hint for other snickerdoodle recipes; cream of tartar is key! Also, don't over bake them!!!