Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Flavor Bible

This is the newest addition to my cookbooks! I won this book from a give away that Julie from A Mingling of Tastes, has been hosting this month. Thanks Julie!!! She's been giving away books for her birthday! That's right, for her birthday! Anyway, to win a book all you have to do is check out her blog and leave a comment when she announces she is giving away another book. She choses her winners by using a random number generator, and matching the number selected up with the comment number. Pretty clever.

This book has a large list of ingredients, with a list of other ingredients that go well with the main ingredient you looked up. This is perfect for me, since I often stray away from recipes, or make something based on what I have in my cabinets. There are also paragraphs by chefs with tips about how to bring out the flavors in your food. Also, there is a section that talks about how we taste and perceive food, and the importance of balancing flavors, textures, & temperatures.

I've spent the morning going through and making lists of combinations to cook. For example:
Acorn squash + mascarpone cheese + ginger + veggies. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Well, I haven't cook anything new lately. Greg hasn't been feeling well, so we've had lots of familiar comfort food: grilled cheese, mac & cheese with tomato soup, pumpkin pasta, ice cream. Hopefully he'll feel better soon and get his taste buds back. Then I can make something new! There are a few new recipes and combinations I'm anxious to try.